Tips for Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Fireplaces make homes warm and comfortable when the temperatures are cold outside. They keep the energy costs low and ensure that you enjoy efficiency all season long. However, without proper maintenance, the fireplace may become a source of concern and risk that causes a fire in the house or other mishaps that you don’t want to experience. You can use the tips below to ensure that you enjoy your fireplace throughout the winter months without worry of a fire or other mishaps standing in the way of your enjoyment.

·    Schedule an Inspection: A fireplace inspection is the best way to keep yourself and your family safe and worry-free. It takes only one annual inspection to ensure that you are protected all season long. It’s affordable and easy to get inspections.

·    Clean the Glass: One of the first steps in gas fireplace maintenance denver is to keep the glass doors clean. Check to learn if the doors are removable which makes them easier to clean. Use a newspaper and window cleaner to remove dirt, soot, and other fire debris from the doors.

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·    Call in the Pros: If you suspect trouble with the fireplace, pick up the phone and call for service before trouble has time to set in and wreak havoc on the day. The pros know just what to do to repair your gas fireplace.

·    Clean the Interior: Don’t forget to clean the interior of the fireplace often as well. There is no set frequency to clean but make sure that it is done whenever you notice that it is dirty inside.

·    Clean the Gas Logs: Make sure to keep the gas logs used in the fireplace clean of soot and other debris follow the instruction manual to learn the proper way to care for your logs.